incorporating Brisbane Skiff Squadron
incorporating Brisbane Junior Sailing Squadron
Formerly; Hamilton Skiff Club, Brisbane Skiff Club & Brisbane 16' Skiff Club
16 Ft Skiffs     Club Skiffs with Distinction
Year Boat Skipper Boat Skipper
1921-22 C.M. A. Whereat    
1922-23 Curious N. Wright    
1923-24 Curious G. Pugh    
1924-25 Chance H. Day    
1925-26 Victor V. Lucas    
1926-27 Ajax A. Whereat    
1927-28 Venture H. Crouch    
1928-29 Ajax VI A. Whereat    
1929-30 Nettle G.Perry Thara II J. Campbell
1930-31 Ajax VI A. Whereat    
1931-32 Ajax VII A. Whereat    
1932-33 Thara II W. Port    
1933-34 Ajax VII H. Crouch    
1934-35 Sirene IV N. McLennan    
1935-36 Sirene IV N. McLennan    
1936-37 Joyce Too N. J. Wright Mercia W. Port
1937-38 Imp II R. Hendry    
1938-39 Imp II R. Hendry Prestige II N. McKellan
1939-40 Imp II R. Hendry Bluebird W. Port
1940-41 Sirene IV K. Hazell    
1941-42 Imp II R. Hendry    
1942-43 Napier W. Anderson    
1943-44 Chillie II J. Thorburn    
1944-45 Chillie II J. Thorburn    
1945-46 VI IV V.Lucas    
1946-47 VI IV V.Lucas    
1947-48 VI IV V.Lucas    
1948-49 VI V V.Lucas    
1949-50 Joy VI R. Wright    
1950-51 Joy VI R. Wright    
1951-52 VI IV V. Lucas    
1952-53 Joy VI R. Wright    
1953-54 Joy VI R. Wright    
1954-55 VI VI R. Dath    
1955-56 Chillie VI J. Thorburn    
1956-57 Chillie VI J. Thorburn    
1957-58 Julie N. Buckley    
1958-59 Sally E. Holdstock    
1959-60 Carousel T.Cuneo    
1960-61 Julie II N. Buckley    
1961-62 Forminex N. Buckley    
1962-63 Chillie VII J. Thorburn    
1963-64 Forminex N. Buckley    
1964-65 Forminex N. Buckley    
1965-66 Pamm Paint N. Buckley    
1966-67 Julie Ann N. Buckley Kadina A. McCracken
1967-68 Pamm Paint N. Buckley    
1968-69 Pamm Paint N. Buckley    
1969-70 Heather R. Lipke    
1970-71 Taft T. Lucas    
1971-72 Victor T. Lucas    
1972-73 Victor T. Lucas    
1973-74 Truform N. Patterson Imagine J. Thorburn
1974-75 Victor T. Lucas    
1975-76 Chillie Mac D. Thorburn    
1976-77 T.A.A. J. Thorburn    
1977-78 T.A.A. J. Thorburn    
1978-79 T.A.A. J. Thorburn    
1979-80 Chillie Mac D. Thorburn    
1980-81 T.A.A. M. Thorburn    
1981-82 Resolute M. Thorburn    
1982-83 Victor T. Lucas    
1983-84 Victor T. Lucas    
1984-85 Resolute M. Thorburn Fosters Lager T. Lucas
1985-86 Fosters Lager T. Lucas    
1986-87 Fosters Lager T. Lucas    
1987-88 (tie) Computer Assoc M. Thorburn    
1987-88 (tie) Fosters Lager T. Lucas    
1988-89 Kameleon D Shawcross    
1989-90 Kameleon D Shawcross    
1990-91 Kameleon D Shawcross    
1991-92 Fosters Lite C. Taylor    
1992-93 Fosters Lite C. Taylor    
1993-94 Fosters Lite C. Taylor    
1994-95 Fosters Lite C. Taylor    
1995-96 not contested      
1996-97 not contested      
1997-98 Fosters Lite G. Hawgood    
1998-99 Fosters Lite G. Hawgood    
1999-2000 Fosters Lite G. Hawgood    
2000-01 Bulkheads G. Hawgood    
2001-02 Slick Chicks G. Hawgood    
2002-03 Slick Chicks G. Hawgood    
2003-04 Green Machine D. Jack    
2004-05 Total Span C. Taylor    
2005-06 M & J Chickens C. Taylor    
2006-07 BGN G. Hawgood    
2007-08 Aristocrat C. Taylor    
2008-09 LMA L. Thorburn    
2009-10 Aristocrat C. Taylor    
2010-11 Four Three Matt Lucas/Kye Hawgood/Mark Newton    
2011-12 Four Three Matt Lucas/Kye Hawgood/Mark Newton    
2012-13 One Turn Short Craig Taylor    
2013-14 The Herald Jenny Hawgood (nee Anderson)    
2014-15 RW Retail Aiden Geck    
2015-16 BGN Geoff Hawgood    
2016-17 ??? ?    

Notice Board

End of Season Commodore's Report

Well that's it for another season.

Big fleets of Lasers and 16ft Skiffs gracing the course in the Hamilton reach of the river. The last race of the season had it all, sheep stations were on the line in the 7th and final heat of the club championship, with places constantly changing. Broken masts and mishaps were a plenty keeping the rescue boats and drivers busy, we even had to contend with the cruise ship turning on the finish line making it an interesting finish.The winner not known till the last few meters from the line.

Thank you to everyone for another stellar season at B.S.S. I can not thank our volunteers enough for the tireless work you all put in to making everything run smoothly. Thank you to all comimittee members working behind the scenes to make sure we can continue to enjoy all our club has to offer. Thank you to Shayne Sutton for her kind words and support throughout the season. Congratulations to the club Champions and trophy winners of the 2016/2017 season. 

Good luck to those competing over the off season and we will see you all next season.

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